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ISO Scope: Provision of freight forwarding services. Repair and construction of barge, landing craft and tugboat up to 5,000 DWT.

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Awards Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2013
The Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards is a regional recognition program for outstanding entrepreneurs across Asia. It is also a platform for business leaders and leading entrepreneurs in the region to network, share intelligence and form lifetime acquaintances.

As Asia's most prestigious awards for entrepreneurs, Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards (APEA) are given in honour of enterprising men and women who have proven their enterprising spirit, whilst not neglecting the social responsibilities.
Awards Sarawak State Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2012
The Sarawak State Entrepreneur of the Year Awards 2012 is to recognize the success of up and coming entrepreneurs, who through their ingenuity, ideas, resourcefulness, commitment and hard work, have built their businesses which contributed to the enlarging of our State's economy and gross domestic product, and to recognize the best in business in Sarawak, i.e. the prime movers that drive the State's path towards economic growth and Vision 2020.
Awards The 3rd Malaysia Independence Award 1957@ Anugerah Merdeka 2012
The Malaysia Independence Award 1957 is indicating to commemorate the 55th anniversary of the independence of Malaysia.

This award aim to promote Corporate Award, ISO, Advertising and Promotion for image building and sustainability, simultaneously enhance the participating companies to further regionalize and globalize in expansion to greater height.
Awards The 10th Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Service Quality Award 2011
The Excellence Service Quality Award has been awarded to Gimhwak Enterprise which has delivered outstanding customer service, committed to achieving service excellence, deploys and manages the organization's resources to most effectively meet the needs of the customer base.

This award seeks to develop service models for others to emulate, create service champions and professionalized services.
Awards The 2nd Global Award 2010
The global award is focusing on enhancement to business success using the strategy of the 3 in 1 Business Success Recipe, ie. Combination of ISO, Branding and Achievement Award.

Company with strategy and action to avoid "Red Ocean" competition and create "Blue Ocean" for better productivity and profitability will give great credit to be awarded.
Awards The 8th Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2009
Honesty represents the operating and managing style of an enterprise, reputation as well as public image in the market.

It is also a vital consumers make their purchasing decisions. This award aimed to promote the reformation, renovation and computerization of pioneering enterprises so that to encourage the development and progress of other enterprises.
Awards The 7th Golden Bull Award 2009
Our corporate won the only SMEs in the shipping industry for golden bull award under Emerging Entrepreneur in 2009. Golden bull award is prepared for Small & medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) for their flexibilities and swiftness in responding to changing business environment. Successful SMEs will grasp the growth opportunity and break new ground; while in times of difficulties, they can be bold enough to take the bull by horns and charge forward by formulating strategies to weather the hardship.

In the global economic downturn, winners of the Golden Bull Award in 2009 seen as an exceptionally successful organization in the midst of crisis, SMEs still can perform well in their creative and innovative endeavors, fuelling their long-term development towards greater heights.

ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System
We obtain ISO9001:2000 in 05th September 2007 and upgraded to ISO9001:2008 in 2010 with International Quality Management System with scope:
"Provision of freight forwarding services. Repair and construction of tugboat and barge up to 3,000 DWT." The Scope has upgraded to "Provision of freight forwarding services. Repair and construction of barge, landing craft and tugboat up to 5,000 DWT" on 05th September 2013.

This indicates our engagement and effort towards quality management and continuous improvement for our organization.

Golden Bull Award 2009 Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2009 Global Award 2010 Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2011 Sarawak State Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 Malaysia Independence Award 1957, 2012 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2013   

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