GIMHWAK group of companies started to involve in the shipping, ship repairing and ship building activities since 1997. The Founder and Managing Director of the Group Mr. Yong Ing Hui has more than 45 years of experience in the industry, from repairing, designing and building to the operations of various types of ship and vessel, marine engine, generator sets and cranes.

We are passionate and committed to deliver high quality services in ensuring the safety of seafarers at all time. With its strict quality control program, timely deliveries and competitive pricing policy, the Group has obtained ISO9001:2000 since 2007 and was upgraded to ISO9001:2008 in 2010 and ISO 9001:2015 in 2017 for qualification in shipbuilding, ship repairs, shipping and freight forwarding.

We are seeing ourselves progressing with international standard for our operations, services and customers satisfaction. We aim to excel with our customer and continuously growth in providing solutions for maritime locally as well as internationally.

1.1 Corporate function
Eight major functions consisted in the company include:-
– Strategic business units
– Administrative and Human Resource department
– Procurement department
– Financial and accounting department
– Shipping department
– Shipbuilding and repairing department
– Engineering department
– Sales and marketing department

To begin with a company that aims for high professionalism and responsive customer’s service, our management team take up challenges to develop the people with multi skills for more efficient, quality services and works.

The rapid growth and expansion of the company with strong economy foundation enable us to endeavor to enhance the capacity of the company in order to optimize the business function with maximum contribution in the field and continuously strive to ensure our client have a sustainable competitive advantage in selecting us as a partner in the business.

1.2 Our Belief
A strong, aggressive and dynamic team makes it possible for us to undertake large scale business and most essentially, prompt delivery complemented with efficient and safe production.

We believe that education is necessary for continuous improvement. We offer extensive on the job training programs, leadership-skill, role-play and duty-switch. Employees are encouraged to improve their skills and knowledge for their self improvement and the benefit of our customers and company.

We encourage research and development (R&D), for new way of production, new idea of management, new process of procedure, and innovative development of business idea.

In addition, we are committed to a safe workplace for everyone, at all times and under all conditions. A strong safety record is made possible through constant attention to workers’ behavior, work environment and production procedure.

We maintain a business environment in which communication is open and people work together to bring along continuous improvement. All employees share and dedicated to carry out the Gimhwak’s Mission and Values. Employees treat each other with trust, respect and dignity. By practicing these values, we have created one of the strongest teams in Malaysia shipping and shipbuilding industry.

1.3 Vision
Our vision is to become a world class builder of quality vessel with comprehensive safety equipments and advance navigation system at competitive price besides providing reliable shipping and logistic services and as a general marine solution provider.

1.4 Mission
Customer First, Excellent Services. Provision of timely services and products in shipbuilding, shipping, and ship repairing and professional advice on marine engine related matters.

1.5 Slogan
Your Marine Solution!

1.6 Management Objectives
Our management aim to continuously improve and develop our corporate business by focusing on customer satisfaction.

– Improvement of quality standard to meet an average of at least 75% of customer satisfaction feedback – quality.
– Reduce the customer complaint to not more than 3 legitimate complaints per job (Verbal complaint to be recorded).
– To achieve service quality in term of reliability & competitiveness with overall customer satisfaction feedback at least 70%.

Board of Directors

Words from Founder and Managing Director

Honesty is the key to my success!

People often talks about the economic crisis nowadays, however I thought obstacles are what created opportunities. During economic downfall, it usually brings difference opportunities into businesses. If invading in the right time, corporate businesses and services could mean transmitting or entering into new arena of business invention.

Gimhwak Group provides different types of services as well as products which includes shipping, shipbuilding, ship repairs and so on. You could not be without integrity, whenever you go you release it. Whatever business you do, you have to be truthfulness and sincere to your customers and shareholders.

We are to create corporation with integrity. Meanwhile, we continue to adhere to our belief, constantly looking for opportunities, courage to try and adventuring, therefore to create miracles in business mountain.

In the time to come, i believe that our business will continue to grow and expand. Whether in the aspect of shipping, shipbuilding, ship repairs as well as marine engine, and become a marine solution centre, providing express quality and professional services to the customers.

Love is what upholds the integrity!

Golden Bull Award 2009 Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2009 Global Award 2010 Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2011 Sarawak State Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 Malaysia Independence Award 1957, 2012 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2013   Golden Eagle Awards 2014