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ISO Scope: Provision of freight forwarding services. Repair and construction of barge, landing craft and tugboat up to 5,000 DWT.

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We have 2 shipyards located at Sungai Bidut and Sungai Sadit that can cater for floating ship repairs. A berth length of 100 meter in Canaan yard and 180 meter in Galilee yard that with at least 3meter draft for berthing repair of all kinds of tugboat, cargo ship, barge and landing craft.

Ship repairs including of hull and machineries repair work, cutting, welding, installation, modification, fabrication, rebuild, dismantle and disposal of all kinds of ships. Outstation work can also be arranged to the anchorage for repair and maintenance, supply of equipment and general service.

With good past records, we are seeing increasing in business volume thus favorably resulting in us achieving economies of scale and hence competitive pricing for customers.


Golden Bull Award 2009 Asia Pacific International Honesty Enterprise Keris Award 2009 Global Award 2010 Asia Pacific International Entrepreneur Excellence Award 2011 Sarawak State Entrepreneur of the Year 2012 Malaysia Independence Award 1957, 2012 Asia Pacific Entrepreneurship Awards 2013   

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